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WEFT: Women Empowering Fiber Traditions

Feb 2, 2023

WEFT// Women Empowering Fiber Traditions is a group fiber art exhibition highlighting 20 women artists based throughout the region.

A warp and weft are considered the two basic components used in a weaving to turn thread and/or yarn into fabric. As one of the core supporting structures throughout all textiles, the horizontal supporting threads interlaced through the weaving are called the weft. Irregular stitches, wrapped fibers, gushing forms, woven strands, inked surfaces, soaked parchment, and the manipulation of the ‘everyday’ will be crucial and visible components within WEFT. The scope of mediums represented within this exhibition will encompass various approaches to fiber traditions. These practices are usually associated with ‘women work’ as they were consider to be in the domestic sphere. Knowledge of empowerment through these craft-based practices and acknowledgment of these forgotten/discarded domestic traditions will be seen. For all of the conceptual underpinning that inspired their creation and interpretation, these works from an all female group of artists, will remain committed to an intriguing physicality that comes from palpable material usage and technique.

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